Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Is the DEI Certificate Program the same for staff and leaders?

    • There is one DEI Certificate Program for Staff (individual contributors) and a separate one for Leaders (individuals with direct reports). The only difference between the two programs is that leaders will complete one additional session to empower and equip them to develop inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and respected.  

  • 2. How do I sign up for the DEI Certificate Program? 

    Registration for the DEI Certificate Program will be done through ULearn. 

  • 3. I attended an elective back in 2021, will I receive credit toward the certificate in ULearn for that session?

    • No. DEI Certificate participants will only receive credit for electives that have been completed from January 2022 and onward.  
    • However, if you completed a required course prior to January 2022, you will receive credit for those courses when you sign up for the certificate on ULearn. 
    • If you do not see the credit applied in your ULearn transcript, email to help with the issue. 

  • 4. I attended a required course in 2021, will I receive credit towards the certificate in ULearn for that session?

    • Yes. DEI Certificate participants will receive credit for all required courses they have taken.  
    • If you do not see the credit applied in your ULearn transcript, email to help with the issue. 

  • 5. I am interested in taking some diversity courses but not yet interested in committing to the DEI Certificate. Can I still sign up for courses?

    • Yes. All University staff and faculty are invited to take part in our diversity sessions. If you decide to sign up for the certificate program at a later date, you will still receive credit for all of the courses you have taken that are part of the program. 
    • Keep a lookout for emails from HR Communications where we promote our diversity sessions. 

  • 6. What are the requirements?

    • You must complete the following by the end of the 2023 spring semester: 
    • Prerequisite: Online modules of Everfi (Managing Bias, Inclusion in the Modern Workplace)
    • Core: Five Training Programs totaling approximately 12 hours of learning (longer for leaders)
    • Participation in Diversity Interactive Theatre, Racial Inclusivity and Implicit Bias all count toward completion of the DEI Certificate Program and additional courses will be introduced this spring
    • Electives: Choice of participation in select panels and workshops offered over the next year (including upcoming webinars for Black History and Women’s History Months), and immersive experiences such as joining Employee Resource Groups and volunteering for Big Brothers/Big Sisters 

  • 7. What are the benefits and outcomes of achieving this certificate?

    • You will join peers in training and experiential learning activities that will be meaningful and engaging. 
    • It will heighten your confidence in being an ally for inclusion, deepen your awareness of unconscious bias, enhance your inclusive communication skills, and help you better understand cultural differences to influence change. 
    • As a leader, you will gain skills to be an inclusive leader. 
    • You will be honored at an award ceremony with fellow certificate recipients in the spring of 2023. 

  • 8. How will my participation be tracked?

    • Participation in training programs will be tracked on your ULearn transcript. 
    • You will have access to exclusive new offerings along the way! 

  • 9. If I don’t plan on participating in an engagement activity and instead attend 3 panel experiences or workshops, will I fulfill the elective requirement?

    To fulfill the elective requirement you may choose between participating in 1 engagement activity or 3 panel experinces and/or workshops. Your ULearn transcript will be updated automatically to reflect your completed electives.

    If you choose not to complete an engagement activity the engagement electives line on your transcipt will remain at 0%. However, as you complete courses categorized as Panel Experiences and Workshop Electives, your progress will be recorded. Once you’ve completed the third event, the DEI Certificate Electives portion of your curriculum will automatically update to 100%.

  • 10. How can I talk about diversity and inclusion with my colleagues?

    Open conversations help create an atmosphere that encourages diverse perspectives and communication styles. Here are tips to keep in mind during the next conversation with a colleague: 

    • Eliminate distractions. 
    • Solicit a variety of perspectives. Make sure everyone has a chance to contribute. 
    • Seek to understand. Ask questions that are neutral and encourage dialogue. 
    • Manage your emotions so they serve the conversation and resist defensiveness. 
    • Treat yourself and others with compassion. We all make mistakes and the key to evolving is to learn from our missteps and not repeat them.