Women In Academic Medicine

November Lunch and Learn: Money Talks: Are U Retirement Ready

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Established in 2008 at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (UMMSM), The Women In Academic Medicine (WIAM) supports women’s careers by providing opportunities for networking, sponsorship, mentorship, and career development.

WIAM supports and promotes the career development of UMMSM women faculty through a variety of initiatives designed to:

  • Promote clinical, scientific and teaching excellence
  • Increase the representation, participation and leadership of women in the organizational structure of the UMMSM and its standing committees
  • Enhance the recruitment, retention and professional advancement of women faculty
  • Eliminate gender discrimination and harassment, and promote a positive work environment
More information is available at: https://med.miami.edu/offices/diversity/get-involved/women-in-academic-medicine 

Get Involved

To learn more about WIAM and to get involved, contact:

Janet Bringuez-Sanchez, M.Ed Assistant Director of Programs       jxb1458@med.miami.edu  
Marilyn Huang, MD                                                                            m.huang@med.miami.edu 
Asha Pillai, MD                                                                                      asha.pillai@med.miami.edu