Diversity and Inclusion

In today’s workplace, where change is the only constant and a growing number of cultures have become an ever-increasing influence, business leaders must be able to harness the wealth of such human diversity. The University of Miami is no exception. Workers from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, along with the fierce competition that academic and medical institutions now face, make cultural diversity a critical issue and an undeniable resource. The road ahead is challenging and exciting as we come to understand the vast array of values and backgrounds in our workforce and maximize its potential.

The University of Miami is committed to blending our cultures into a harmonious family atmosphere and accepting each as a vital link in our mission. The University is committed to strengthening the intellectual, cultural and economic life of the communities of South Florida and the world by fostering respect for the differences among people, the nurturing of curiosity, the insistence upon high standards of thought, study, communication and the skills that should characterize the educated person.

Workplace Equity and Inclusion is responsible for implementing diversity initiatives to increase diversity awareness throughout the University of Miami community. Our diversity pages are primarily intended as a resource for faculty, staff and students of the University. While it is not meant to provide an exhaustive listing of all possible sources or groups of the University campus, in the local community, or on the Internet, we hope it can serve as a starting point for exploring cultural diversity.

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