About Workplace Equity and Inclusion

Workplace Equity and Inclusion is responsible for assisting the University of Miami in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce and student body and maintaining a work/learning environment free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Workplace Equity and Inclusion implements diversity initiatives to increase diversity awareness throught the University of Miami community. Our diversity pages are primarily intended as a resource for faculty, staff and students of the University. 

The University's Title IX Office works to prevent, stop, and address sexual misconduct across all university campuses and for all university community members.

Services Offered:

File a Complaint

Employee Appeal Form

Accommodation Request Form

Nursing Mothers Accommodation Request

Training and Education

Workplace Equity and Inclusion conducts live and online, web-based training programs designed to inform, educate and guide members of the University community on specific issues that affect equal opportunity, affirmative action and diversity, such as sexual harassment, diversity, Americans with Disabilities Act, Civil Rights, and Age Discrimination.

For additional information or to schedule a workshop or seminar, contact WEI at (305) 284-3064 or visit ULearn to view online trainings.