UHealth Employee Program FAQs

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  • 1. How much do I get to refer a friend?

    Full-time positions are eligible for 100% of the bonus and part-time positions are eligible for 50% of the bonus. The amounts by job profile are listed below:



    Manager, Nursing


    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse


    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist


    Registered Nurse


    Registered Nurse, Research


    Nurse Specialist


    Nurse Specialist, Research


    Respiratory Therapist - Registered


    Clinical Pharmacist


    Certified Nursing Assistant


    Critical Care Technician


    Surgical Technician


    Telemetry Technician


    Central Sterile Processing Technician


    MRI Technologist


    Radiologic Technologist


    Ophthalmic Echographer


    Ophthalmic Technician


    Medical Technologist


    Pharmacy Technician


    Licensed Practical Nurse


    Cardio Catherization Technician


    All Other Positions



  • 2. What is the objective of the UHealth Employee Referral Bonus Program?

    UHealth wants to hire the best talent in the market – individuals who are qualified, dedicated professionals who love what they do. As a member of our UM team, you know what it takes to be a ‘CANE and are therefore our best sourcing tool. The program thus aims to reward you when you refer a qualified candidate who aligns with our culture and values and who is selected to fill an available position. By actively engaging in the recruitment process, you can not only help us to quickly close our staffing gaps but also ensure that your fellow ‘CANES meet our collective standards.

  • 3. When did the program start?

    The program has been in effect since April 1, 2022.

  • 4. How does the program work?

    You do not have to apply to be in the program – all University of Miami employees are automatically included, with the exception of Human Resources staff, hiring managers for the referred position, managers that are in the interview panel, and director-level and above employees.

    All full-time and part-time UHealth positions are eligible for a referral bonus. The referred employee must list your name in their initial Workday application under the section marked “How Did You Hear About Us? – Employee” (see screenshot below). Without this information you will not be eligible to receive your referral bonus.


    The referred employee must then be successfully hired into the position you referred them to and complete one pay cycle.

  • 5. Can I refer someone already from UM?

    No. The referred employee cannot be an UM active employee. Only external candidates can be referred.

  • 6. My colleague listed myself and another person as referrals. Do we both receive the referral bonus?

    Candidates must only list one employee as a referral. The employee who is officially listed in Workday will receive the bonus.

  • 7. What about the referrals made before the start date? Do they count?

    No, only referrals made from April 1, 2022 onward will be eligible for the bonus.

  • 8. I did not know about the program, and my referral did not list my UM email in Workday. What do I do?

    Unfortunately, an employee will only be eligible for the UHealth Employee Referral Program if the candidate applies the employee’s UM email in their initial Workday application to receive the referral bonus. 

  • 9. Can I make a referral for any position?

    All full-time and part-time UHealth open positions are eligible for a referral bonus. e.g. “Registered Nurse 2 U”, “MRI Technologist 1”, “Sr. Respiratory Therapist”, “Faculty at MSOM” etc.

  • 10. Who is eligible to receive the referral bonus?

    All full-time, part-time, and per diem employees with the exception of: 

    • Human Resources staff;
    • Hiring Managers for the referred position;
    • Employees that participate in the interview panel for the referred position; and
    • Director-level and above employees.

  • 11. Can I refer someone from my family?

    Yes, as long as you are not a member of the excluded employee groups listed above. 

  • 12. How many referrals can I make per month?

    There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. The more you make, the more you can earn. 

  • 13. What if my referral has already worked for UM?

    The referred employee cannot be a rehire within the last two years.

  • 14. How will the referral bonus be paid?

    You will receive the payment in one lump sum in your account. This payment will be subject to all applicable deductions as required by law.

  • 15. When am I going to receive the referral bonus?

    Hourly employees: On the same date the referred employee receives their first paycheck.

    Salaried employees: On your first paycheck following the date the referred employee receives their first paycheck.

  • 16. Do I need to be an active employee to receive my referral bonus?

    Yes. You must be an active employee as of the date of payment.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to your referrals!

If you have questions about the UHealth Employee Referral program, contact the Medical HR Recruitment team at uhealth-talentacquisition@miami.edu or your HR Partner.