Business Development Program

The Business Development Program was implemented to advance the utilization of women and minority suppliers to the University’s procurement process. The Program forms a connecting link between the University, the minority and women owned business community and small businesses.

The Business Development Program recognizes the challenges many diversity suppliers face in attempting to meet the unique business and technology requirements of the University.

It is the goal of the Business Development Program to identify quality suppliers that reflect the full diversity of our multicultural community. The Program is committed to assisting the University in acquiring goods and services at the most reasonable price consistent with quality, delivery and service. In addition, The Program strives to enhance the ability of minority and women owned businesses' capability to navigate the University's procurement process.

The Business Development Program’s mission is to engage in good faith initiatives to optimize contracting and purchasing opportunities that fosters the development and utilization of minority and women owned businesses.

Learn more about the business development program and how to become an approved vendor with UM here.