Preventive Care Medical Plan

The University of Miami is pleased to offer a Preventive Care Medical Plan from UnitedHealthcare to employees who are not eligible to enroll in the UM/Aetna health plan. This includes part-time employees working less than 50% full-time effort, temporary and casual workers, per diem, seasonal and intermittent faculty and staff.

The Basics

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  • What You Need to Know

    • You may enroll yourself and your eligible dependents in the preventive plan on your date of hire, during Open Enrollment or if you experience a life event during the year. 
    • The plan covers preventive care only. Preventive care includes services like annual physicals, well woman exams, mammograms, and colonoscopies. If you receive a preventive care service in the UnitedHealthcare network, you’ll pay $0 for that service (not including your monthly premium).
    • The plan does not cover expenses when you are sick. Expenses for sick visits including outpatient surgeries, hospitalizations, and visits to the doctor for anything other than annual preventive care are not covered. 

  • If You Have Insurance

    • If you’re currently insured through another medical plan, you should NOT drop your coverage to elect this plan.
    • If you’re currently covered through the UM Student Health Insurance Plan from Aetna, you should NOT drop your coverage to elect this plan. This Preventive Care Medical Plan does not meet the UM requirements for student health coverage.

  • If You Don't Have Insurance

    • Prior to 2019, the IRS charged uninsured individuals a penalty on their taxes. As of January 1, 2019, the IRS penalty for being uninsured no longer applies. 
    • However, you should strongly consider applying for health care coverage through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace, a private policy, or other channels like Medicaid and TRICARE.
    • Click here to view the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace plans accepted by UHealth.
    • Subsidies to help lower your premium may be available for coverage purchased on the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace, and the offer of this plan will not prevent you from receiving a subsidy to help reduce the cost of coverage if you are otherwise eligible. For help applying for coverage on the Marketplace, click here to find a local Navigator.

Preventive Care Plan Brochure