Hearing Benefits

If you are enrolled in the UM/Aetna medical plan, Aetna provides hearing aid coverage. In addition, Aetna members receive a discount on hearing aids (not eligible for reimbursement through the medical plan).

Medical Plan

The in-network benefit is 100% reimbursement, after deductible, up to a maximum of $3,000 per ear. The benefit can be used every three years.

If enrolled in the HRA and using an out-of-network provider, the out-of-network benefit is 70% reimbursement after meeting your separate out-of-network deductible.

Plan Deductible
Aetna Select 1 $200 per person
Aetna Select 2 $300 per person
Aetna POSII HRA $1,500 per person (in-network)
$3,000 per person (out-of-network)

UM/Aetna members obtain hearing aids by making an appointment with the UHealth Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Physician Referral team at 305-243-3564. Once you've received your hearing aid, submit the following three pieces of documentation to Aetna:

1.  Aetna claim form
2.  Itemized bill
3.  Paid receipt
UM/Aetna members can also obtain hearing aids through the in-network providers below. The provider will submit your hearing aid claim directly to Aetna:


Hearing Discounts

Need a little help with your hearing? Here’s a great way to save on essentials like hearing aids, exams and even batteries. It’s a nice perk for Aetna® members. And the discounts are instant, so you save on the spot.

Hearing discounts without hassles. Getting your discounts couldn’t be easier. You won’t have to worry about referrals or claims forms. It’s that simple! Click here to learn more.

Note, this benefit cannot be used in conjunction with the medical plan.