High-End Imaging

High-End Imaging Services are Covered Exclusively at UHealth

UHealth Radiology is staffed by experienced, state-certified technologists as well as highly-skilled physicians who are nationally recognized for their clinical care and contributions to radiology. Our health care plan covers high-end imaging services (PET, CT, and MRI) only at UHealth facilities. To schedule a high-end imaging appointment at one of the radiology facilities listed below, call 305-243-CARE (2273).


PET, CT, and MRI services are covered exclusively at UHealth (certain exceptions apply).

The following circumstances qualify as exceptions, and are covered within the Aetna network at the UHealth copay rate.

• Open and standing MRI
• Pediatric high-end imaging services (for children ages 13 and under)
• Imaging performed at the time of radiation therapy
• Imaging outside of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
• ER/inpatient imaging


Patient copays vary depending on the type of medical plan selected.

  • Aetna Select 1 | $150 copay
  • Aetna Select 2 | Deductible, then $150 copay
  • Aetna HRA | Deductible, then $100 copay


Locations are available in, and expanding throughout, Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Visit  radiology.med.miami.edu/locations for a full listing of locations and contact information. Call 305-243-CARE, Option 3, to schedule your appointment.