Travel Medical Benefits

Non Work-Related Travel (Domestic or International)

Aetna members are covered by the UM/Aetna medical plan while traveling within or outside of the United States for certain medical claims.

Emergencies that occur out-of-network (domestic or international*) are covered at the in-network rate. 

Non-emergency care is covered domestically within the Aetna network. Non-emergency care is not covered domestically outside of the Aetna network (unless in the Aetna HRA plan; higher deductible applies) Non-emergency care is not covered internationally.

 * You may have to pay for these services out of pocket and submit detailed receipts to Aetna along with their required claim form.

University Business Travel (Domestic or International)

Emergency medical expenses (domestic or international) for University faculty, staff and dependents are covered by the UM/Aetna medical plan.

Non-emergency care for University faculty, staff and dependents is covered by HR-Total Rewards for work related international travel (all must be enrolled in the medical plan). 

Click here for information on international travel, including restricted and non-restricted travel. For more information, please call Risk Management at 305-284-3163. 

Medical Care while Traveling on University Business (International SOS)

The University of Miami Global Assistance Program provides University international travelers with medical, security and travel assistance, managed and administered by International SOS. This program enables the University to provide better service assistance during an emergency to faculty, staff and students who are traveling abroad on University business/study. Prior to travel, all faculty, staff and students should visit the International SOS website to review important information about their travel country including travel health advisories, alerts and changes in political climate, and weather events. In addition, faculty and staff should log onto International SOS and enter their travel itinerary prior to travel.

International SOS provides:

  • alerts on State Department travel advisories or warnings within their enrolled travel area
  • search-and-rescue security, evacuation and repatriation for those traveling on UM business in the case of a forced evacuation or international emergency
  • an insurance policy that provides additional coverage like emergency medical treatment, help with local legal advice, lost checks, etc.

In addition to International SOS, you must contact Risk Management for appropriate forms and documentation prior to travel. For more information on International SOS, click here.

Note: While traveling on University business, faculty, staff, and covered dependents enrolled in the UM/Aetna plan have access to emergency and non-emergency medical care.