Your First Year

First Month:

  • Enroll in benefits at
  • Schedule regular one-on-one meetings with your manager.
  • Request on-going, meaningful “everyday feedback.”
  • Feel free to ask questions about the performance management process and compensation system.
  • Discuss performance and professional development goals.
  • Take on an additional assignment.
  • Attend campus events of interest to you (Well Canes Marketplace, Employee Interest Groups, Volunteer Opportunities)
  • Learn about Training and Development Opportunities and sign up for training of interest.


  • Continue to seek regular informal feedback; prepare for formal feedback during the annual review.
  • Have a conversation with your manager about your experience at UM to date:
    • Is the role what you expected?
    • Are your skills and knowledge being fully utilized and are there ways to better utilize them? What’s working well, what could work better?
    • Do you need additional support or resources?
  • Begin discussing the year ahead.
  • Consider participating on a cross-functional team. Talk to your manager or HR Partner to learn about different opportunities.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on ways to enhance the onboarding experience. What might improve this process for new employees?
  • Discuss your professional development goals and identify relevant learning opportunities.