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Built on a portfolio of curated learning opportunities, the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Certificate Program is an opportunity for you to become immersed in the University’s commitment to diversity and participate in programs that support a culture of belonging while exposing you to ideas, people, and topics they may not have the opportunity to engage in during the normal course of your day.

Become more knowledgeable and build confidence in diversity and inclusion in this self-paced program.

This certificate program helps employees master inclusive communication, understand cultural differences, and drive culture change through powerful diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Throughout the year, attend interactive virtual offerings and immersive events (electives) to dive deeper and build skills. 

Program Overview Level 1
Program Overview Level 1
Program Overview Level 1
Program Overview Level 1


After earning a certificate, learners will have a:

  • Greater understanding of the University’s commitment to diversity & inclusion
  • Deeper appreciation for your role in contributing to a diverse and inclusive culture of belonging
  • Increased comprehension of how diversity & inclusion impacts professional development
  • Create better dialogue across differences in the workplace
  • Heightened confidence in being an ally for inclusion